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Environmental Law

Attorney Harry Klodowski 724-940-4000 has over 35 years experience in environmental matters from asbestos enforcement to xylene contamination, and has solved problems with air and water pollution, waste disposal, toxic chemicals and environmental management, usually in one of the following areas:

Environmental Compliance and Permitting– Complicated rules on air and water emissions, waste disposal and storage and the use of hazardous substances create a challenge for businesses. An experienced negotiator can determine what is required, and how to comply at the lowest cost. Attorney Klodowski has given accurate regulatory analysis and practical advice to businesses ranging from steel mills to small property owners. Harry also advises clients on environmental reports, including chemical release reports, TRI (toxic release inventory) and green house gas reports.

Environmental Litigation– Environmental requirements have become so complicated that regulators frequently do not understand them. Attorney Klodowski has successfully defended civil and criminal agency enforcement actions and citizens’ suits in air, water or waste disposal in the state court, federal courts, Environmental Hearing Board and Environmental Appeals Board, and has negotiated cost-effective settlements. Attorney Klodowski has recovered cleanup costs for his clients and has stopped illegal government action. Attorney Klodowski recovered attorney’s fees from a state environmental agency that illegally refused to issue a permit to his client. See, Sedat V. Fisher, Pa. Commonwealth court.

Environmental Audits and Transactions– The financial community has become the environmental police. Lenders often do not distinguish a theoretical exposure from a real concern. Attorney Klodowski has completed dozens of environmental assessments and successfully negotiated allocation of environmental costs in transactions, ultimately finding a way to “close the deal”. Attorney Klodowski has negotiated several agreements under Pennsylvania’s “Act 2” program enabling property owners to develop and put into commercial use former industrial property that would have been off limits without an agreement limiting their liability for existing contamination.

Emissions Trading– Attorney Klodowski is a leading attorney in pollution rights trading. He has successfully completed over 30 emission reduction trades. Mr. Klodowski has over 20 years experience representing both buyers and sellers of Emission Reduction Credits, and is advising clients on new requirements for green house gas inventory and trading. Attorney Klodowski also counsels businesses on compliance and financial opportunities created under other emission trading programs.

Oil & Gas – Attorney Klodowski has assisted many property owners on negotiation of coal, stone, and natural gas leases for over 30 years. Attorney Klodowski has represented coal & stone mining, natural gas drilling companies, and gas transmission companies in environmental issues as well as litigation over property rights.

Storage Tank Litigation– Attorney Klodowski has successfully resolved more than 20 cases arising from property contamination from leaking storage tanks. While most cases are settled he has sued USTIF (Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund), oil companies and adjacent property owners. He is familiar with federal and state storage tank regulations and the procedures of the storage tank fund. His firm has tried to verdict two storage tank lawsuits, and recovered damages and an award of attorney and expert fees in both cases. See, Red Express, Inc. v. United Refining Co.

As an experienced environmental lawyer, Attorney Klodowski is retained by large and small companies, law firms and local governments. For more detail on his experience click here.

Attorney Klodowski is widely recognized in environmental regulation at both the local and national level, speaking and publishing on carbon/green house gas trading, permit requirements for new sources and plant modifications, NOX regulation, and emissions trading under the Clean Air Act, scientific evidence, and hazardous waste cleanups. He has served as Chairman of The Western Pennsylvania Section, Air & Waste Management Association; Chairman of the Allegheny County Bar Association Environmental Law Section and Program Area Chair of the American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry on Legal & Regulatory Issues. Harry has served two terms on the Board of the Air & Waster Management Association.

With a scientific and technical education, including B.A.’s, magna cum laude in biology and geography, and an extensive litigation background, Attorney Klodowski has represented clients in matters before the United States EPA, OSHA, and the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, New York and Ohio agencies responsible for air, water, solid and hazardous waste regulation.

Not every environmental problem calls for the resources of a “big law firm”. Having worked for large firms, Attorney Klodowski believes that it is his obligation to develop and implement cost-effective strategies designed to allow his clients to achieve the desired results. He offers top-quality legal and environmental advice at a value that meets your smarter, more-competitive vision of doing business. If you have any questions involving an environmental matter contact Attorney Klodowski at 724-940-4000.