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Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights

Attorney Klodowski has many years experience with mineral law work, including regulatory agency claims with federal and state agencies who regulate surface and underground mining of coal and other minerals from an environmental or safety perspective, and common law disputes over mineral property rights.

Harry has handled mineral property litigation for mining and gas companies as well as property owners. For example, the cases of in Sedat v. Fisher and Sedat v. Pa. DEP, in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, Pa. DEP required a mining company who owned the mineral rights to obtain a permission form from the surface landowner before issuing a permit. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania said DEP could not require the form because the Company owned the mineral rights. DEP thought its interpretation of the law was better than the Court’s, ignored this opinion and denied the mining permit application. The Commonwealth Court Ordered Pa. DEP to issue the Permit and awarded attorney’s fees to the Company for the illegal delay in issuing the permit.

Harry has negotiated mining leases for coal and stone mines and resolved other mineral law property disputes. He has concluded pipeline construction and expansion negotiations and has resolved gas transmission and electric utility Right of Way matters. He has managed an environmental compliance assessment and review of a natural gas pipeline project for a nationally known lender. He has successfully resolved a number of replacement water supply chains.